Thursday, July 10, 2008


Welcome to my blog on my recent trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos islands! It's not a true blog - simply a good repository for some pictures to share with you. You'll see that I found the sea lions especially photogenic. Enjoy!

Around Quito

The world's second highest capital city at around 10,000 ft altitude. It's also just a few miles south of the equator, despite its mild climate. It's ringed by 12 volcanoes; you can see one lurking in the background of the cityscape picture.

Cotopaxi Volcano

Around Ecuador, One

Around Ecuador, Two

(Note the sheep enjoying a roof-top bus ride and the chickens on a pole between the horse riders).

North Seymour Island

Gardner Island

Espanola Island

Floreana at Dawn

Post Office Bay

Puerta Ayorta

A giant tortoise in the wild (hogging down a passionfruit); pelicans in line at the fish market

Santa Fe Island

South Plazas

(Not pictured: the humpback whale I saw while on the boat this afternoon)

Cerra Dragon, Santa Cruz

Bartolome Island

Rabida Isla

Pelican nesting area; starfish on red sand beach (better seen snorkeling underwater)

James Bay on Santiago Island

Mangrove swamp at Turtle Cove

(Squint for the turtle; it's underwater!)

Bon Voyage!